Help for a New Mom: Guide for Conducting a Mommy Rescue Mission


Becoming a mother for the first time is an overwhelming event. There are so many ways friends and family can help. Do not wait until asked, the new mommy may not have any idea how to ask for help, or what to ask for.

If you have been in this position yourself, think back to the flood of responsibilities and feelings that tiny bundle unleashed upon your home.

Consider the following suggestions in order to help a new mom and her baby:

Offer food

There will probably be people bringing dishes over immediately after the new mom and her baby return from the hospital. Casseroles and the like are very appreciated but also consider foods that the new parents can easily set out for company. Things like boxes of crackers, cut up cheese, nuts, grapes and small desserts are helpful. Boxes of tea, creamer, and coffee are also handy. Explain why you are bringing boxes and platters instead of a meal, new parents often need things spelled out.

Provide a taxi service

The new mom without family in town could be anxious about taking the baby out alone. As an experienced mom, your calm presence is welcome. Refrain from criticism, advice or anything that could be construed as judgment, just drive.

Babysit while she’s home

Let the new mom shower, check emails, nap or just sit with you while you attend to the child. Give her the chance to do something she has been meaning to do, like filling out the baby book, or writing thank you notes while you rock the baby.

Bring something new for the mom

Brand new or new to her clothing is a nice gesture when she does not want to look at her maternity clothing another day and is afraid to see what her former wardrobe looks like now. A few pretty tops that are easy to wash and wear and can boost her morale. New socks, slippers, simple pajamas and a fluffy robe are also wonderful surprises for a new mom who is doing the day shift and the night shift.

Spontaneously stop by

Drop off a yogurt or a bag of fruit. Keep in touch without being intrusive by not staying, or even stepping in. Just offer to pick up something from the store, since you are on your way. Or offer to rent a movie for her from the video store, or return library books.

thank-youNew moms will gradually grow into their own and your rescue efforts will be unnecessary, but the memories will stay. Most likely, the helpful example you set will be passed on from new mom to new mom like it has in my wonderful circle of friends and family. It’s been years since I became a new mom and was clueless about the things I needed but I really cannot forget those who were eager to offer any little help. This is a sort of a mission every mom should do. I am still grateful up to this date. Thank you everyone!