Honey, the Alternative Healing Medicine?


Honey is considered a household wonder for us moms who are always open in finding alternatives to help us cope with some body pain or health related issues at home. So I thought of sharing what I found out about honey and how it has been helping me for years now.

The ancients used honey as a remedy for everything from arthritis to battle wounds. Its healing powers work just as well today.

Honey is fatal to germs. With its moisture absorbing ability, honey kills germs by withdrawing all the moisture from them. They shrivel and die.

spoon-honey-jarVarious diseases have been placed in a pure honey medium. Typhoid germs were destroyed in as little as 24 hours. Germs that cause bronchopneumonia, peritonitis, pleuritis, pus, and dysentery were all destroyed in a few hours to a few days.

A jar of honey that was placed in an Egyptian tomb some 3,300 years ago was so well-preserved when it was unearthed that it had only partially solidified. It was still just as delicious and wholesome as when it was put in the tomb.

In today’s medicine, there are medications such as penicillin to combat illnesses. But what if a person is allergic to these medicines? What if it is not at hand? What about emergencies?

How can we use honey today? Here are a few things that my family and friends have used honey for.


We keep the honey jar close at hand when hay fever season is near, likewise, for allergies. A couple of teaspoons of honey before each meal seems to relieve a lot of symptoms. A little honey before bed-time, helps ease insomnia. For a burn, we simply apply a coating of honey. It dispels the pain. And draws out the moisture.


Wound care with honey? Yes, it is truly a wonder. My sister in law had a horse that had a wound that started mid chest and ran to the shoulder. She filled it with honey. And it healed with no proud flesh and barely a scar. She was thrilled with the results.

Muscle Cramps

I use it for muscle cramps. I eat quite a bit of honey on bread, toast and in my tea. And when I feel a migraine coming on, I will eat a tablespoon or two straight. Followed by a glass of water. This usually has a good chance of warding the migraine off.

These are just a few things my family has used honey for. There are so many more uses.

We think that using local honey is best. As the allergy and hay fever is best fought with bees that are using the flowers and weeds specific to the area of where you live.

Honey, it’s simple, delicious, and healing. Try it, and pass the healing, honey!