Decorating Your Kitchen on a Budget


As I am planning to re-live my cooking addiction, I wanna make my cooking place in the house a bit enticing and modern. Aside from the planned organization of my items in mind, I’d love to see it matching the persona I’ve become through the years. However, I am not planning to spend on something that will break my bank.

I have listed down these budget tips, perhaps they can help you too in the future:

Budget Tip #1: Paint the Walls

If your budget won’t allow you to do any other decorating, it’s important that you at least paint the walls of your kitchen. Changing the color of the room is affordable and makes everything from cabinets to appliances look different. This tip is a must if you currently have white walls.

Budget Tip #2: Paint Cabinets

Painting your cabinets will make them pop. If you were to paint your kitchen walls a nice shade of blue and then your cabinets a bright white, the change would be breathtaking. If you aren’t comfortable with this decorating tip, you could always stain your cabinets instead, which would also give a new look to your kitchen.

Budget Tip #3: Change Hardware

You may not think something as simple as new hardware would make a difference, but adding new drawer pulls and knobs to your cabinets will change the look of the cabinets and your kitchen. Simple designs work best and will stand the tests of time.

Budget Tip #4: Add Tile Backsplash

A tile backsplash is very budget-friendly. This decorating tip is even more affordable when you choose to do a mosaic pattern using broken plates, rather than store bought tiles. Bright tiles would be a perfect way to add a splash of color to your drab kitchen.

Budget Tip #5: Purchase a New Table

Believe it or not, a new kitchen table does not have to cost a fortune. Many stores, like Big Lots, have affordable options that won’t blow your budget. If you can, it’s best to just buy a table and try to reuse your old kitchen chairs. This will save some of your budget for other decorating tips.

Budget Tip #6: Redo the Floor

Are you tired of your linoleum floor, but can’t afford to put a hardwood floor down? An easy and affordable solution is to buy laminate wood flooring. This option is not only budget friendly, but this is something you can do yourself. Laminate wood flooring will come in pieces that easily fit together, making this decorating tip a snap.

Budget Tip #7: Use Stains

Stains can be used in several decorating tips. You can stain your cabinets, you could stain your chairs to match your new table, and if you already have a wood floor you could even change the look of your floor. Stains have a variety of different uses when it comes to decorating your kitchen.

Budget Tip #8: Buy Accessories

Accessories are a budget friendly way to decorate your kitchen. Towels, canisters, and even art are all affordable ways to add a spark to your kitchen. Also don’t forget items like new place mats, seat cushions, and rugs to match the new color of your kitchen.

Budget Tip #9: Check Discount Stores

Places like dollar stores and Big Lots are a wonderful place to find accessories, furniture, paint, and just about everything else you’ll need when decorating your kitchen on a budget. Look through several departments – you’ll be amazed at what you can afford.

Budget Tip #10: Organize

It seems hard to believe, but just organizing your kitchen will make it look new again. Keep your counter tops cleared of clutter, only have kitchen items in the room, keep groceries in the proper place, etc. This is one decorating tip that is absolutely free.

These are just some tips I’ll be relying on pretty soon. If you happen to know more about re-decorating yours with the same goal (to save money), please put them in the comment section and I wanna know too if these are helpful in your case. I’m excited to brag about some of my recipes. I can hear my tummy now boiling, sure they’ll make you drool too.