How to Get Rid of the Smell of Poopy Diapers

Every parent faces the task of getting rid of dirty diaper smell. As the mother of twins I had twice as many dirty diapers as normal. Here are some simples tips that help get rid of the odor that seems to linger even after the diaper is gone.

Diaper Pails

There are many different diaper pails on the market to help with the odor of dirty diapers. Sometimes these work great and sometimes they don’t. If you own one of these and they don’t seem to be helping banish the stinky odor try a few different small things to see if they can help the pail do it’s job. If you have a really smelly diapers trying closing it in freezer or sandwich bag before adding them to the pail.

Another tip is to sprinkle the pail and garbage bags with baking soda. Always be sure that every diaper is wrapped tightly before disposing it. Another thing to check with a stinky diaper pail is to be sure the pail it’s self is clean. Try washing the pail out with bleach and water. Sometimes it’s a good idea to also let the pail soak with a couple cups of bleach to remove any germs and bacteria that may be causing odors. Another way to keep your pail smelling sweet is adding a few drops of perfume oil in the bottom of the pail. An easy way to do this is adding a few drops to a wet wipe and laying it in the bottom of the pail.

Cloth Diapers

While cloth diapers are a great way to save money and to go green they are a battle to keep clean and smelling fresh. Never let your soiled cloth diapers sit too long. If you can not was them right away trying rinsing them out before placing them in a pail. Washing the diapers in hot water with vinegar or baking soda can work wonders. For really stinky diapers you may also add a small amount of bleach. Beware of using to much bleach or using to often because this can break down the fibers of the diaper and make them wear out faster. When washing cloth diapers be sure to always unroll them before placing them in the washing machine. Rolled diapers may not wash completely and come of the washer smelling as bad as before they went in.

Disposable Diapers

If you are using disposable diapers and can’t stand the smell and don’t own a diaper pail there are some simple way to control the smell of your stinky diapers. Wrap all smelly diapers in Ziploc bag or a plastic shopping bag. If using a shopping bag wrap the bag around the diaper then tie in a tight knot and throw away. Another trick is to place dryer sheets in the bottom of the trash can you are using for your diapers. This can help cover the smell of the diapers. If all else fails you can always have a trash can outside to throw all smelly diapers away as soon as possible.

While you might be able to completely banish all diaper smells these are some quick easy tips to help make the time from birth to potty training less smelly.