Being a mother of 5 beautiful kids (plus a loving husband) makes my life really exciting. Sometimes I don’t get to do the things I’ve been meaning to do since the day one, but the satisfaction and the happiness I get at the end of the day makes it all worth it. It’s pretty hard, I must admit. That’s why i am privileged to have a family that’s very supportive. From my mom and dad who taught me to be just a free-spirited individual up to my in-laws who always offer helping hands in times when I needed them the most.

My life is overwhelming and my free time (yes I have it now) is mostly spent on improving our home – making it clean for everyone, internet research on topics about moms especially the new ones and their struggles, and of course on cooking my (and my kid’s) favorite dishes.

It’s a tough profession, indeed. But when you know how to appreciate everything you have even the smallest things, there’s always no reason to be sad. Life is a gift… and so as your husband and kids.